2023 - 2024

A Million Words

The beloved violin and harp duo between Cindy and Koni, again, transcended the hour and made all of our hearts stop. It was a program even a million words cannot describe.

Dueling Violins: Colossal

A program filled with towering mystery, and thrilling battle between the two violinists. But the true winner, was Tale for Two Violins written by a young Armenian-American composer.

American Quartet: Smile, Chuckle and LAUGH

Not only did we make our audience chuckle and laugh, the musicians "played" with the music and their instruments like never before…

Can't Help but JAZZ (again)

A truly grand double-standing ovation season finale that sent our audience to a frenzy like never before!

2022 - 2023

Doodle with Music

A violin and a piano doodled birds, a street urchin, mother and her child, and more.

Can't Help but Jazz, but…

The program was replaced by thrilling fun of these two last minute. But it is no short end of the stick. Take a peek by clicking above.

Gilded & Glistening

One of our most beloved programs. Click above for a glimpse from the dress rehearsal.

Strad Scramble

Visit from a legend: Stradivarius "Hausmann"

American Quartet: Prism

Snippets of the program, a piece from Krono' 50 for the Future, click above to experience an excerpt.

2021 - 2022

Happy Piper

Our piper=a clarinetist. Where did they lead us? Pure bliss. See for yourself by clicking above.

Dueling Violins

Fireworks flying everywhere when two virtuosic violinists meet. And DEBUT to our indoor concert hall! (Click above for picture)


Hear the sound of the people from Bavaria, Finland, Vienna, Hungary in the voice of a string trio.

Unwavering Light with New Asia Chamber Music Society

When the Chinese violin imitated horses on a battlefield, there was not a unthrilled heart in the room. Click above to see for yourself.

American Quartet

No, not Dvorak "American." Real string quartets from the American classical music history.

2020 - 2021


A solo violin program with a few "spontaneous twinkles."

Oh! How I've miss'ed you

After a long wait in the pandemic, musicians could finally play together again. (Click above for picture)

Double the Chocolate

The viola brings chocolatey-ness to a string ensemble sound. And we doubled it! See a clip of it by clicking above

Aubade- Songs of Dawn

Music we sing to joyfully celebrate the beginning of each day.