Our Concept

Behind our unique presentation.

We present our concerts like an "omakase" dinner at a sushi restaurant

Omakase means "I'll leave it up to you", implying chef's choice. When you order omakase, you are experiencing the culmination of the chef’s best technical and artistic skills using the freshest ingredients of the day. You will be introduced to the dish directly by the chef. Our music is the same. Every detail of the program, introduction, and every moment of the performance is an essence of the culmination of the musicians’ lives devoted to their craft. And the repertoire on each program is also always freshly curated, just for this exact moment and place.

We invite our audience to experience our concerts with a sense of discovery, not only about the performance but the process and mindset of all the musicians and composers involved.

Intimate and up close at home

Chamber music was originally created to be played at home and shared among friends. Part of what we do is reviving a beautiful tradition that is very rarely done seriously these days. Another part is we believe that experiencing chamber music up close in an intimate setting is incredibly powerful and engaging. It makes the listeners feel like they are a part of the dynamic and intense music-making, which is a very moving human experience.

We have the greatest music, because we champion musicians.

When the musicians feel at home, they will make the greatest music. 

From our programming, communications, rehearsal process, and compensation - we speak our values in championing the musicians so they can focus on nothing but giving us what they do best. 

Specifically, more than 90% of our donations go to compensating the music makers, just as we think an operation about music should logically be, but unfortunately is rarely so. We are thankful for everyone who believes in our values and supports us to make our operation possible.


What is chamber music?

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